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Hiwassee River Heritage Center

The Hiwassee River Heritage Center is a new history museum located at 8746 Hiwassee St, Charleston, TN 37310. Founded in 2013, this museum chronicles Cherokee, Civil War, and Trail of Tears history. Located on the Hiwassee River, it is a certified interpretive center on the National Historic Trail. You can also explore the area's Native American culture. Here, you can learn about the trail's history, as well as the lives of the Cherokee people.

The Hiwassee River Heritage Center is a new cultural and educational tool in the area. Located at a historic home, the center serves as a gateway to other historic sites in the region. The Charleston-Calhoun-Hiwassee Historical Society established the center five years ago and conducted a public meeting to gauge community interest. After receiving a lot of positive feedback, the group began renovations and a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the center.

The center is sponsored by the Charleston-Calhoun-Hiwassee Historical Society and works as an educational tool for the local community. Visitors can view exhibits and panel exhibits about the Cherokee Nation, the Civil War, and natural resources. In addition, they can record and preserve historical documents. The center will be a hub for other local and regional historic sites. This unique cultural center will be a valuable addition to any community.

The Hiwassee River Heritage Center is a cultural center dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of the Hiwassee Valley. It is a welcome center as well as a gateway to the region's historical sites. Its founding was five years ago when the Charleston-Calhoun-Hiwassee Historical Society held a public meeting to assess interest in the project. Afterwards, the committee started renovations.

The Hiwassee River Heritage Center serves as a regional educational resource and welcome center for the community. A permanent exhibit highlights the heritage center's mission and future. While the museum is an educational resource, it also acts as a gateway to other historic sites in the area. The Hiwassee River Heritage Center is a historical site for the community. It is an educational tool and a gateway to other regional historic sites. The museum also allows you to record and preserve documents from the region. The center also features a database for researchers to search for them. It is a must-see place for anyone interested in the history of the area. Located off I-75, the Hiwassee River Heritage Center is the largest museum in the city of Charleston. It is owned and operated by the Charleston-Calhoun-Hiwassee Historical Society.

The Hiwassee River Heritage Centre's exhibit hall and education room are designed to provide an overview of the history of the area. Several community-minded donors have helped the center open to the public and preserve the history of the area.